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The Lance Tremulous Hyper-Mega-Bundle Gaspar Gage

The Lance Tremulous Hyper-Mega-Bundle

Gaspar Gage

Kindle Edition
169 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Collection of staggering erotic tales from the master of the form! Shiver with these fortunate men as they attend to the women in their lives! Feel the tingle of submission and arousal as they go down and dirty, and the thrill of triumph and mastery as they vault into the helm and pilot the speedboat of lust!Birthday FleshBrendans wife has had a few affairs, and shes been open about it. Now, on his birthday, shes decided to make it up to him by bringing home a few friends, who are going to make some very specific demands of him.Abducted By Psycho BabesSue and Brenda abduct Steve, thinking hes the guy who did their friend a terrible wrong. They soon find out theyve mistaken him for someone else, but theyre not ready to let him go just yet. They want to have a bit of fun first....Show RespectCraig has saved up enough money that he can afford to do consulting part-time and be a suburban house-husband while his tall, sexy, wife Allison pursues her dream career as an artist in the city. Not only is it an easy schedule, but hes loving the role reversal, doting on his overworked wife. But tonight, on their fifth anniversary, shes brought some of her chic and sophisticated friends home with her, and she expects Craig to show them the same respect he shows her.Whap!Gary’s wife has arranged a very special birthday party for him – one in which his gym-tautened body will be on display for, and at the disposal of her friends, MOST of whom are women.Show More RespectIn SHOW RESPECT!, Allison gave Craig to her two beautiful co-workers as a toy. Now his nearly naked, gym-tautened body is at the disposal of countless new guests arriving at the party, and his fate will be up to the wild imaginations of many sophisticated women!The Field AssistantGrad student Jonathon is excited to finally be on a dig in the Middle East with his archaeology professor and mentor, Lydia Treinor. The professor is beautiful and charismatic, a widely respected teacher, researcher, and academic trailblazer. Secretly, Jonathon is as attracted to her physically as much as he admires her intellectually.She is also very demanding. On the very first day at the excavation site, Jonathon discovers that his duties will include far more than digging trenches and dusting off bits of ancient pottery. He has no wish to refuse her commands, only the intense desire to please her sufficiently to maintain his position as her intimate servant.And his special services will be required by others besides the beautiful professor….Blackmailed By Roller BabesLarry’s just minding his own business in the park one Saturday morning, enjoying his coffee and newspaper, when along comes a trio of punk chicks on rollerblades with wickedness on their minds. After mauling him for a bit, they reveal that someone has taken photos of their physical contact that make it look as though he was the one who assaulted one of them, and not the other way around! Now Larry has no choice to accede to their twisted demands. But as it happens, Larry aint complaining about that. Not one bit.Show MasteryCraig really enjoyed the role play his wife Allison set up for him in Show Respect! and Show MORE Respect! – an episode during which he filled the part of submissive sex toy for his wife’s sophisticated female friends. But months later, Allison has gotten tired of Craig clinging to that role. Now she wants him to prove he can also be domineering when she and her friends need that kind of treatment. Will Craig measure up, or will she become utterly bored with him and leave?word count: 65,000